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The Rise of Knight

Springer Academy of Chess (SAC) is the brainchild of Mr. Shabdik Varma, a chess prodigy who started playing chess at the tender age of 3.5 years and became the U-7 State Chess Champion in 2005.

SAC is a commonly used abbreviation of “Sacrifice” in chess jargon. Springer, on the other hand, is German for chess “Knight” (which, in fact, is the logo of SAC). Right from his childhood, knight was always Shabdik’s favourite chess piece. He was so drawn to knights because of its unique & tricky movement abilities and its usefulness in tactical combinations. As a kid, Mr. Varma was well known for his aggressive flank attacks and sacrifices/tactical combinations. Later on, for his A00 – Irregular opening surprises.

Springer Academy of Chess (SAC) was created by knitting all these thoughts and memories together with an aim to bring out the true potential of every kid who strives to learn and master the game of chess.

"No one has ever won a game of chess by abandoning"

Savielly Tartakower


We respect the time you invest in us; the promise is, it won’t be wasted.



We’re determined to ensured that all our students develop innovative problem-solving, as well as pattern-recognition skills

An ancient tradition worshiped worldwide

Chess, like love, like music, has the gift of making people happy.

And we, here in Springer Academy of Chess, intend to make that come true.

About the

Mr. Shabdik Varma is a 3-time national silver medalist and an International bronze medalist with a peak International FIDE rating of 1973. He is a 23-year-old with 19 years of experience in the game of chess. With 4 years of teaching experience (Online + Offline), he has taught 150+ chess enthusiasts; ranging from complete beginners to 1500 rating (6- to 32-year-olds). When it comes to chess, he has a great deal of patience and a strong pattern-recognition skill. He’s good with kids and in maintaining the decorum in the class. With the help of his SAC team, he is aiming to spread and educate chess to as many youngsters as possible.

Our Team

Learn chess from our expert teachers

With professionals

We are a child centered program with qualified and experienced chess coaches. Each of our coaches are well trained to make chess more fun to learn! Know more about them below here.

Sharan Rao
Chess Tutor
  • Peak FIDE Rating – 2292
  • 13 years of playing experience, 2 years of teaching experience, mentored 40+ students.
  • 1 Silver medal at National level, 8 State Championships.
  • Inter-NIT Nationals Gold medalist 2018 and 2019
  • 3 times Captainships of Karnataka State team in SGFI (School Games Federation of India).
  • Commonwealth participation of year 2008.
  • Champion in Gujarat International GM tournament in below 2000 category.
  • Runner Up in Mumbai Mayor’s Cup 2019 in below 2000 category.
  • Widely appreciated by parents from India, US, UK, Japan, UAE, Canada.
  • Language – English, Kannada


Panchami Shenoy
Chess Tutor
  • Peak FIDE Rating – 1476
  • 14 years of playing experience, 8 years of teaching experience, mentored 150+ students.
  • Honored with Kreeda puraskaar prashasthi 2016
  • 3 Runner ups in State Championship
  • Represented state at SGFI nationals; Also played in the south zone.
  • Won prizes in several states, national, FIDE open tournaments.
  • Widely appreciated by parents from India, Singapore, UAE, US, UK, Qatar, Australia
  • Language – Hindi, English Konkani, Kannada
Dhrikshu K Vasant
Chess Tutor
  • Peak FIDE Rating – 1589
  • 15 years of playing experience, 5 years of teaching experience, mentored 25+ students.
  • Professional Qualification: AICF Instructor: Awarded by The All India Chess Federation after due participation in Training for Trainers at New Delhi in January 2019
  • Runner in CBSE South Zone and National qualifier 2014
  • Runner up in State Championship 2016
  • Captain of the Mangalore University Team for the South Zone Inter University Championship 2019
  • Widely appreciated by parents from India, Argentina, US, Canada, UAE.
  • Language – Hindi, Gujarathi, English, Kannada
Shabdik Varma
Founder & Tutor
  • Peak FIDE rating – 1973
  • 19 years of playing experience, 4 years of teaching experience, mentored 150+ students.
  • Second runner in International Open FIDE rated tournament.
  • 3 Silver medals at National level, 5 State Championships.
  • Top 10 in U-17 Asian School Championship (in both Classical & Blitz).
  • 3 times Captainships of Karnataka State team in SGFI (School Games Federation of India).
  • Commonwealth participation of year 2008.
  • Widely appreciated by parents from India, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • Language – English, Kannada

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