Beginners’ Course

Program NOVICE: First step towards excellence 

What will you learn in this program?

Program NOVICE is designed for those students who are enthusiastic about mastering the game of chess, but are now, just beginning their journey in chess. This program is designed in such a way that it solidifies the basics and the fundamental understanding of the game in every student. Many think that once they know how the pieces move, they’ve mastered the beginner’s level. But no, the basics of chess has more to it than just the piece movements and all those “more” stuff will be explained and taught here.

How we reduce the knowledge overlapping

The program segregates the beginners into 3 levels and then, they are divided in 2 batches. This is to make sure that the student will not miss-out any part of the basics and also to see to that the knowledge overlapping or wastage of time is minimized to the max!

Starter module

Teaching strategies that will bring a difference in the understanding of the game

The Level 1 and Level 2 will come under Pawn batch, where they’ll have a systematic introduction to the game of chess, to chessboard & chessmen and to other basic and essential topics.  Once the student learns all these things, they get promoted to Knight batch (Level 3), where they’ll be taught how to win the game, how to checkmate their opponent and plans/basic strategies to convert the winning game into a win. Not only will the coaches strive to explain these concepts in their own and simpler way, but also, they’ll be showing animated chess videos to attract the kids and make chess more fun to learn!

Patience and caution are fundamental principles

Level - 1

The student learns from the complete basics of chess – Introduction to the game of chess, chessmen and chess board and brief piece movements

Level - 2

This solidifies the written rules of chess – The piece movements, special piece movements, piece captures and all the rules that there is to study in the beginning stage will be taught.

Level - 3

The basics of chess checkmates and tactics will be taught and mastered.

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