Springer Academy of Chess welcomes students of all age and of all levels. As a responsibility towards the new-comers joining different levels, different batches are created to minimize the knowledge overlapping and wastage of time of a student… to a maximum extent!

A Free Assessment Session [Demo] will be arranged (one per student) to serve multi-purposes. The demo session will serve to be useful for the parents and the student to decide whether they like the style of teaching and help the tutors understand how much the student knows about chess. This helps us decide which batch will suit the student better. 

“Chess is the gymnastics of intelligence”

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Pawn batch: Novice

Level 1 – Outright beginners who’s completely new to chess

Level 2 – Ones who knows only the piece movements


Knight batch: Advanced Beginner

Level 3 – Ones who know more than just the piece movements – BUT not about checkmate in 1 or 2, King and Queen Mate, Rook roller mate or Basic tactics like Pin, Fork etc


Bishop batch: Intermediate

Level 4 – Knows all that L3 doesn’t [ CM1, CM2, King and Queen Mate, Rook roller mate or Basic tactics like Pin, Fork etc]


Rook batch: Competent

L5 – Knows till L4 + Knows how to do King and Rook mate, Double Bishop mate, knows basic endgames and has a fine hold on their game


Queen batch: Advanced

Level 6 – Knows till Level 5 + better at endgames and strong in tactics

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