Advanced Course

Program PROFICIENT: Attaining Excellence

What will you learn in this program?

Program PROFICIENT is designed for those students who are now in the stage of getting the FIDE rating or already have! Basically, for those who are tournament players. This program is designed in such a way that it focuses on helping the students to improve, and apply, the pattern-recognition skills and tacit knowledge they have acquired till date, in practice. In-depth game analysis, Club competitions and lot more practical workouts are seen here. A Personalised Growth Tracker and instructions on how to utilize it to the fullest will be told to the Advanced batch students. This will help both, the parents and the coaches, to track the student’s performance statistically and also encourages the students to do the assigned daily/weekly works diligently.

How we reduce the knowledge overlapping

The program segregates the students into 2 levels and then, they are divided in 2 batches This is to make sure that the student will not miss-out any part of the basics and also to see to that the knowledge overlapping or wastage of time is minimized to the max!

Pro Module

Learning how to practically use the tacit knowledge and intuitive moves

The Queen batch (Level 6) focuses on helping the students to know their strong hold areas and will be focusing there to improve them. Tougher Endgame theories, new Opening traps and theories will be studied. Once they’ve excelled their assignments, they’ll be promoted to the King batch (Level 7), which will be designed soon!

Patience and caution are fundamental principles

Level - 6

The procedural knowledge of the student improves as they practically play and understand the set of lessons. This also improves their pattern-recognition skills in a positive way.

Level - 7

Coming Soon

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