Intermediate’s Course

Program COMPETENT: Making excellence a habit

What will you learn in this program?

Program COMPETENT is designed for those students who are very clear about the basics of chess and are now in the phase of developing their way up, to the top. This program is designed in such a way that it focuses on smoothly introducing the students to the realm of adventures and magic tricks of chess, making chess more fun to learn! In chess jargon, we call them as tactics & strategic planning. This acts as the integral part for the initial development of every student. It’s like the “super-serum”, gives a sudden boost and shows significant improvements in a student. The program also prepares them to play in tournaments

How we reduce the knowledge overlapping

The program segregates the students into 2 levels and then, they are divided in 2 batches. This is to make sure that the student will not miss-out any part of the basics and also to see to that the knowledge overlapping or wastage of time is minimized to the max!

Intermediate Module

Bringing a better understanding of tactics and strategies

The Bishop batch (Level 4) focuses on improving the understanding of the student in the grounds of tactical variety and strategical planning. Once they’ve learnt it, they’ll be promoted to the Rook batch (Level 5), which will solely focus on practice of those ideas in different ways! Students will be solving around 500 puzzles (HW and CW included) and also, the endgame studies will be emphasized in this batch.

Patience and caution are fundamental principles

Level - 4

The piece checkmates, checkmate patterns, elementary endgames and basic tactical combinations will be taught. Training games will be played and analysed thoroughly.

Level -5

The next stage (tougher version) of whatever is done in level 4 will be done here, with more practical approach from student’s side.

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