“Chess is the only mainstream sport that is both FUN and EFFECTIVE online than in person!”

Want to ace the game of chess? Then you are in the right place! Explore the world of chess with us.

Why Chess?


Chess develops sustained attention, pattern-recognition skills and the working memory


Chess develops analytical behavior, critical thinking and decision-making skills in an individual


Chess encourages children learn to focus, plan, and persevere through challenges, building self-confidence


Chess teaches an individual the art of surveying the whole picture; trying not to be too hasty; being cautious

Courses and learning from our club

The innovative and systematically designed courses will shape and sharpen the skills of the user


This program is further divided into 3 levels to help the student learn it all in a systematic and efficient way. Nemesis Market

Intermediate’s Program

This program is further divided into 2 levels to help the student learn it all in a descriptive and procedural manner. It focuses on introducing the student to tactics & strategic planning and prepares them to play in tournaments


This program is further divided into 2 levels to help the students apply their intuition and tacit knowledge in practice. It focuses on helping the students to use their intuition based on enough past experiences.

Digital lessons

All the classes will take place online and all you need to have is a good internet connection and a Laptop/ Tablet/ Mobile!

Learn at Home

Learn from the smart, young and experienced FIDE rated chess coaches from the comfort of your home.


The coaches have the necessary software and database installed in their devices and will share screen to teach.

Private Lessons

We also offer 1-on-1 private classes for those who are very keen on fast improvements and to those who choose to have more concentrated sessions.
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"Those who say they understand chess do not understand anything."

Robert Hübner

Benefits of choosing pearl amongst pebbles, the SAC! Our classes provide you with everything that’s required to improve your graph.

Be one step ahead

We’ll help you unravel the true potential of your child

Springer Academy of Chess is a top tier online platform to hone your child’s chess skills. But why us? Well, we have specialised International FIDE rated chess coaches to train young minds and budding talents. Our courses are very detailed & well structured. The sessions are live and interactive. We have Intra-class competitions, Inter-class competitions etc.

We make chess fun to learn and teach it in most effective way with Customized Home Assignments (according to the students’ strength), Curated study materials and many more. Also, to make it easier for parents with more than one child, we offer special fee benefits.

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Do as our subscribers and learn the art of chess

- Parent of Tarun Pai


“My son Tarun has always been keen to learn chess, we tried a chess school but it is only after we joined Shabdhik Varma’s class we saw what an amazing difference specialized tutorial can bring to a chess enthusiast…Tarun is now about a month into the programme and is gaining confidence, strategy and technique by the day… the classes are crisp and clear, there is homework and prompt follow up. Tarun is totally addicted to the game, he is often found chuckling in glee with his chess mates and checkmates. Tarun is having so much fun we cannot but enjoy the experience with him… Thank you Shabdhik for your focussed teaching and patience.” Abacus Market link

- Parent of Ved Batheja


“The coach is friendly with kids and very good at his work. My son (Ved) always enjoyed playing but since he started coaching with him, but he has improved phenomenally in the game, also observed a sense of passion for playing chess. He never misses a single class. One major difference was seen in Ved, that he has become more disciplined with his work after class, and diligently wants to practice puzzles after his sessions. I am grateful to have found a coach like Shabdik and is highly recommended for budding Chess Players”

- Parent of Aashay Jain


“We would like to extend our sincere thanks & gratitude to you for your efforts in teaching chess to our son Aashay Jain who is 8 years old studying in GEMS Millennium school Sharjah.
Indeed it is a challenge to teach chess remotely, still you could create a friendly atmosphere and engage in such a way that learning the child and applying the strategies wherever needed.
Always your class is very well organised and display pure dedication to your students. Thank you for making a positive effect of learning chess on him.”

- Parent of Dhriti


“My daughter has picked up the basics of chess quite effectively and is showing significant interest for daily practice, thanks to the focused attention/patience shown by the coach in class and also the positive learning environment created there. I can also see a good improvement in her approach to playing the game in past few weeks.”

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